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Sitecore released Habitat on 18th December 2015. Habitat is a Sitecore solution example built on a modular architecture. Habitat architecture and methodology focus on few main concepts which are Simplicity, a simple, consistent and discoverable architecture. Flexibility, the ability to change and add quickly and without worry. Extensibility, the ability to simply add new features without steep learning curve.

Sitecore Habitat is a new “demo” site provided by Sitecore. Prior to that there is which is another Sitecore “demo” site where public can evaluate what Sitecore is capable of. The major difference between LaunchSitecore and Habitat is that LaunchSitecore is designed to allow public to explore the core functionalities in Sitecore, while Habitat is a modular architectural solution to build features.

To get a quick look and feel what Habitat is about, you can download Sitecore Habitat package and install it on your local Sitecore instance. Once installed, your Sitecore instance home page will have the following look:

sitecore habitat homepage

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into Habitat code base. You can clone a new repository of Habitat from GitHub.

Once cloned, you will see from Visual Studio there are 37 projects in the solution. The “magic” of Habitat sits at the Feature folder. 14 features are provided out of the box (at the point of writing). They are: Accounts, Demo, Identity, Language, Media, Metadata, Multisite, Navigation, News, PageContent, Person, Search, Social and Teasers.

sitecore habitat feature

The idea of the Habitat architecture is you can develop or use a feature independently. If one feature is broken, you can simply not use it and it will not affect the rest of the feature. Each feature has the consistent architecture to allow development practices to be more predictable.

If you are into developing a feature in Habitat, I highly recommend you to look at the videos prepared Thomas Eldblom on:

Sitecore Habitat Architecture – Introduction

This video explains how Sitecore Habitat is solution framework that focuses on streamlining development process and optimizing productivity. It also explains the how productivity is increased when developers simplify coupling.

Sitecore Habitat Architecture – Modules

This video explains the closure principles in Sitecore. It digs down deeper into Habitat code base by using Navigation as an example. It explains the Views, Controllers, Data Model and how the items are structured and how do they get built.

Sitecore Habitat Architecture – Layers

Focus on the layered architecture and how to couple modules to build the entire solution. It also explains how different layers fit together as a solution and how different modules and layer interact with each other.

This is a quick introduction to Sitecore Habitat. If you would like to find out more, feel free to visit the Habitat Wiki page.

On the next post, we will dive a little deeper into the code base to build a Facebook widget in Sitecore Habitat.

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